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  • It is must to have Laptop/system for online training.
  • Headphones & Mike.
  • Internet connection with at least 2 MBPS Speed.
  • To avoid power cut problem need to have UPS or inverter supply.
  • Silent place for particular session.
  • Must clear doubts of participants.
  • Must prepare course content.
  • Must give study material and interview questions.
  • Must give content for LMS.

Note: If you can give us 10 Min any time we will do test connection.

  1. Never use any drawing Pen illustration during the online class in demo only.
  2. Never use any notepad illustration during the online class in demo only.
  3. No Google during the online class in demo only.
  4. Please put the mobile in silent mode.

Kernel Training believes in Quality. We aim to offer better online training to students and working professionals. We hire qualified professionals in order to take live online classes for various courses. Kernel Training teaches students and professionals across the globe on various technologies. Till now number of people from various countries participated in our online training program.

A part from your regular job, you can earn extra money from our online training programs by teaching to students and professionals.

You will be a part of our revenue sharing program.

  1. Kernel Training offers excellent platform to show your skills.
  2. You can choose any number of courses from our list and give us your free time to teach.
  3. According to your comfortable free time you can teach batches.

Fill the given form. Our senior team member will contact you and will discuss terms and conditions. Remember you have to teach as per the methodology of Kernel Training.

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Please call us: 7093 099-086, Or Mail: [email protected]