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All you Need to Know about Microsoft HoloLens

Microsoft HoloLens is the innovation of the Microsoft. As of now, HoloLens development edition is being used by developers for …

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Microsoft New Invention Microsoft Teams- The Chat-Based Workspace in Office 365

Microsoft is one of the leading organization in providing software services to an organization. Microsoft office 365 come with their …

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3 Offers Better Security for IoT

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3 is the latest version released on the best open source enterprise platform. This major update …

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The Ultimate Guide to What’s New in VMware End-User Computing (EUC)

VMware EUC is one of the cloud computing service delivered by Amazon.VMware essentials is the most preferred vendor cloud computing …

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Ubuntu Core16 Builds a Strong Base for Secure IoT Devices

Ubuntu core 16 is the most widely used operating system for executing a high level of operations on IoT devices. …

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Things you need to know about Google Home

Google Home is one of the innovation of Google products. It is a smart device, which is activated by voice …

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